Software Project Rescue Services

Our application rescue team is readily available for urgent software engineering assistance. With a specialized emergency care department comprising experienced engineers, we are equipped to swiftly address codebase, infrastructure, and deployment tool challenges.

Who We Are

At Cyfrania, we provide the technology that supports our customers' businesses. Having spent two decades in the custom development field, we have aided in the revival and achievement of success in countless failed software projects.

What We Do

Cyfrania provides both consulting and practical assistance to owners of tech projects facing technical challenges.

Our offerings include everything from auditing failed IT projects and consulting on the advanced rescue solutions and ways to cut losses to urgent assistance with critical malfunctions, assisting an existing team, or taking full charge of steering a project out of a crisis.

Expert Project Audit and Crisis Consulting

We analyze an app's performance and source code and provide owners facing issues in a project with expert insights on:

  • App quality compared to industry standards
  • Urgent and hidden app flaws
  • Project recovery strategies considering cost-efficiency and customer objectives

Urgent Help for App Accessibility Repair

We employ a team of senior developers to quickly restore app availability for users by addressing the causes of the malfunction:

  • Critical bugs
  • Failure of external services used
  • Instability due to a shortage of server resources

Legacy Application Revival

Our focus is on averting downtime for legacy apps by methodically fixing problems based on priority:

  • Dealing with instability and critical bugs
  • Solving data security and regulatory compliance issues
  • Upgrading components while fixing UX/UI and functionality shortcomings

Assistance With Rapid App Launch

We help launch your app on time by solving project issues that threaten deadlines:

  • Lack of team specialists or technical expertise
  • Project management issues and poor planning
  • Code quality assurance and control problems

Rescue of Apps with Chronic Technical Issues

We take on failed software development projects that have been struggling with long-standing technical problems and systematically solve them based on customer priorities:

  • Quality flaws in source code
  • Outdated dependencies and components
  • Missing features and UI/UX problems
  • Performance issues

What Apps We Deal With

App Types and Components

We excel in IT project rescue services, encompassing a variety of applications and their components:

  • Web, mobile, cross-platform, and SaaS apps
  • Server-based, cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid apps
  • UI/UX, integrations and databases

Our Domain Expertise

We're skilled in rescuing software across different areas. Here are some examples:

  • Finance
    Online banking sites, platforms for investment and trading
  • Education
    Environments for virtual learning, management systems for schools and universities
  • E-commerce
    Platforms for online shopping, directories for suppliers in dropshipping
  • Real Estate
    Listing websites, valuation tools for properties online
  • Healthcare
    Online systems for patient management, platforms for booking medical appointments
  • Logistics
    Services for monitoring fleets online, analytical tools for supply chains
  • Travel
    Platforms for making travel reservations, sites for recommendations and reviews in travel
  • Retail
    Retail e-commerce websites, customer feedback and review sites
  • Hospitality
    Websites for hotel bookings, websites for event management and catering
  • Enterprises
    ERPs, websites for project management and collaboration

Our Tech

Web Development
Ruby on Rails
Mobile Development
React Native
Payments Integration
Data Processing
Microsoft SQL
Firebase Crashlytics
Cloud Firestore
Cloud Functions
Server Setup and Hosting
Docker & Dokku

How We Address Your Risks

As a software project rescue agency, Cyfrania is well-versed in the business consequences arising from poor-quality applications and failed or over-budget custom software projects, offering proven strategies to effectively address them.

Preventing Losing a User Base Due to App Downtime

Cyfrania adopts a special emergency protocol for critical app malfunction rectification and user access restoration:

  • A dedicated team of experienced senior developers
  • Expedited conferencing process with all major project participants
  • Direct and immediate steps

Keeping Away From Expensive Rewrites and Tech Changes

Product owners often fear a new team will rewrite apps extensively. Cyfrania's approach includes:

  • Avoiding expensive tech stack updates unless necessary
  • Keeping code that works well as it is
  • Addressing issues with existing technology first

Cutting Down on Costs for App Revival

When dealing with IT projects that have failed, Cyfrania adopts economical strategies and is adept at smart budgeting. Our approach includes:

  • Focusing on primary issues that can be resolved within the existing budget
  • Selecting cost-effective solutions
  • Regularly assessing expenses to modify our strategy when necessary

What You Get

Impartial Assessment and Expert Opinion

  • Impartial professionals explain the real situation
  • A fresh perspective uncovers hidden IT project management issues
  • External intervention aids in solving long standing IT project issues
  • Experience with challenging projects suggests effective solutions

Confidence in App Quality and Project Future

  • Experts efficiently identify and implement solutions
  • A dedicated partner persistently seeks cost-effective alternatives
  • You notice significant progress weekly
  • Clean code ensures smooth app functionality and maintenance

Efficiency in Achieving Business Goals

  • Enhancing usability draws in users
  • Useful functionalities boost sales and conversion rates
  • Cost-effective development reduces expenses
  • Modern technologies provide a competitive edge

User Satisfaction

  • Elimination of app crashing issues improves user experience
  • Increasing speed performance enhance engagement
  • Handy and modern interface increases convenience
  • Consideration of user feedback secures feature relevance

Why Us?

Cyfrania has established themselves as an expert software project rescue company. Our dedication in every project include:

  • Commitment: Unwavering focus to achieve your objectives
  • Honesty: Total transparency and integrity
  • Experience: Over two decades in diverse industries
  • Quality Code: Durable, efficient, and easy-to-maintain coding
  • Lasting Partnerships: Emphasis on enduring partnerships over quick profits

How to Start?

Starting is easy. Complete our contact form, and we'll organize a call. Here's our step-by-step service process.

Initial Consultation

We engage in conversation with a customer and perform a code review to identify:

  • Primary problems in how an app functions
  • The root causes of these problems
  • Any technological and resource limits in place

Exploration and Proposal

We investigate tech options, evaluate their financial validity, and construct a proposal encompassing:

  • Gradual plan for rectifying app defects
  • Time limits, inherent risks, investment, and business profits

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Under customer supervision, we undertake:

  • Drafting a strategy for rescuing an IT project that has failed
  • Setting up milestones and their completion dates
  • Setting up weekly task planning
  • Providing a system for managing projects, enabling the customer to assign tasks and track progress

Gradual Execution

We implement the plan incrementally while:

  • Constantly informing the customer of progress updates
  • Routinely overseeing resource utilization and app performance
  • Collecting feedback after each increment
  • Amending the plan as situations demand

App Improvement and Maintenance

Having resolved app quality concerns, we concentrate on:

  • Expanding features
  • Enhancing performance
  • Refining user experience
  • Providing ongoing support and timely updates


What are characteristics of a software project going to fail?

A project can be considered to have failed if it hinders the attainment of business goals with customer expectations persistently unmet. The app's performance is not as required, and user engagement is low. The project sees continuous deadline breaches, lack of progress, and unresolved defects, even after multiple control efforts.

How many software projects fail?

According to the failed software projects statistics, nearly 14% fail completely, about half face budget overruns, and 40-50% are delayed. Only 32% are reported to be successful, meaning they deliver what was promised to customers​. And only 52% pass quality tests after release.

Why do software development projects fail?

Common reasons for software projects failure are limited resources, scope expansion, unattainable expectations, communication issues, risk neglect, inadequate team expertise, and issues in project management​.

What are the consequences of an IT project failure?

IT project failures result in financial losses, market entry delays, losing to competitors, difficulties in recovering investments, and reduced employee morale and productivity.

What is software development project rescue?

It involves diagnosing and addressing issues in failing software projects, reformulating strategies, resolving application quality problems, and providing long-term support to ensure project success.

How to rescue failing software projects?

Software project and application rescue entails examining its development, having candid conversations about challenges with all stakeholders and independent advisors, figuring out the core difficulties, reestablishing targets, enhancing resource utilization, concentrating on essential corrective actions, and systematically carrying them out.