Custom Software Development Services

We do all kinds of custom app engineering for businesses - design, prototype, build, test, optimize, maintain, and consult. Here you can get:

  • Full-service team for executing your project
  • Task-specific performers for working with your other contractors
  • Rescue team for fixing issues
  • Experts for impartial audits and advice

Our Services

Web App Development

We create fast, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized business websites. Issues with your current web app? We'll help with redesigning, fix performance problems, and ensure a flawless experience for your customers.

Mobile App Development

We design slick mobile apps with advanced features for a fully immersive experience. Have a vision or need an upgrade? We'll consult you on affordable tech and help integrate the app into your existing system.

Legacy App Modernization

App unsupported for a while? Legacy issues hindering new features or integrations you need? We’ll make the app functional again, close security loopholes, and tidy up the databases without unnecessary code rewrites.

Microservices Consulting

Outgrown a monolithic architecture? We’ll advise you on the pros and cons of moving your app to microservices and create a plan for the gradual app transformation and data migration without affecting your workflows.

Project Takeover

Project plagued by chronic issues? Team struggling with the scope? We'll conduct an audit and conclude on the app's technical health. We can quickly grasp foreign code, tackle tech debt, or speed up your team's progress.

Project Rescue

Dealing with a critical malfunction or a project close to failing? We're equipped to help. We'll urgently restore user access to the app, take on crisis management, identify the root causes, and breathe new life into the project.

Our Industry Expertise

  • E-Commerce
    Online store websites and marketplaces, product review and recommendation platforms
  • FinTech
    Investment and trading platforms, mobile banking apps, personal finance management tools
  • Logistics
    Warehousing and supply chain solutions, fleet management systems, inventory tracking apps
  • Courier & Delivery
    Delivery apps for restaurants, grocery delivery platforms, on-demand courier services
  • Travel & Hospitality
    Hotel and activity booking platforms, travel agency websites, vacation rental apps
  • E-Learning
    Educational games, learning management platforms, online training programs
  • Sports
    Team management and facility booking apps, fitness tracking and workout apps
  • Healthcare
    Appointment scheduling and claims management tools, electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Real Estate
    Listing websites, online property valuation tools, rental property management apps
  • Big Data
    Data visualization and analytics tools, cloud-based data services, real-time data processing apps

Our Tech

We always prefer mainstream open source technologies. This means you will be able to support your application with ease and at no extra cost for a long time.

Web Development

  • Ruby on Rails is essential for fast and cost-effective development of high-quality and secure web apps.
  • Node.js: We employ Node.js for cloud-based solutions, real-time apps, server-side scripting, and APIs.
  • PHP apps are favored for high performance, low costs, and cross-platform support.
  • Laravel: We value Laravel for its comprehensive security and database optimization for high-traffic apps.
  • Django provides a powerful framework for creating secure and scalable Python web apps rapidly.
  • Python is great for general-purpose apps, as well as big data and machine learning solutions.
  • Angular: We leverage Angular's high code reusability to create large-scale apps that are easy to maintain.
  • Vue helps build interfaces that are lightweight, fast-loading, responsive, and efficient.
  • React is a good fit for user interfaces of dynamic apps requiring good SEO and scalability.
  • Astro's design ensures content-heavy websites load quickly and run smoothly.
  • CloudCannon streamlines web content management with visual editing and Git integration.
  • WordPress powers versatile, user-friendly websites with robust SEO features for any business.
  • WooCommerce offers extensive customization and flexibility for all e-commerce needs.

Mobile Development

  • Flutter builds fast, visually appealing mobile apps on iOS and Android with one codebase.
  • React Native: We use React Native for efficient cross-platform mobile development and native performance.
  • Kotlin: boosts Android app quality with modern features, while reducing bugs and crashes.
  • Swift is essential for efficient and safe mobile app development on Apple platforms.
  • SQLite is a lightweight, serverless SQL database perfect for mobile app development.
  • Node.js: For mobile apps, Node.js provides scalable backend solutions and real-time data updates.
  • Ruby on Rails offers a powerful backend for mobile apps, supporting quick scaling and easy updates.
  • Python excels in data processing and analytics, ideal for data-intensive mobile app backends.
  • Firebase offers real-time sync and extensive analytics, perfect for real-time mobile apps.
  • Angular's modular architecture and extensive libraries simplify scalable mobile app development.
  • Unity enables fast, efficient mobile game development with cross-platform compatibility.


  • MySQL is key for fast, reliable, and cost-effective database management for web apps.
  • PostgreSQL offers high scalability and flexibility, ideal for complex and data-intensive apps.
  • Microsoft SQL Server ensures high availability and robust security for enterprise-grade apps.
  • MongoDB: For real-time analytics and content management, MongoDB provides superior performance.
  • Elasticsearch is vital for high-speed search and analytics in large, distributed datasets.
  • Redis enhances app performance with fast caching, real-time analytics, and session storage.
  • Amazon DynamoDB: For scalable, low-latency apps, DynamoDB integrates with AWS, offering robust security.


  • Amazon Web Services: AWS is the premier cloud platform, offering scalable services for diverse cloud apps.
  • DigitalOcean offers predictable costs, ease of use, and high-performance cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloudflare boosts website performance and security with its extensive global network.
  • Microsoft Azure enables hybrid cloud solutions, integrating on-premises and cloud environments.

How We Work

To start with us, simply complete the contact form. Here’s what happens after we get your request.

Initial Consultation

We schedule a call with our senior developer to grasp your vision, your needs, the app's concept, its intended users, your business specifics, and the available resources.

Exploration and Proposal

In the coming days, we research the tech choices and create a proposal outlining the design plan for the app, the team composition, estimated timelines, and costs for the initial and future releases.

Planning and UI/UX Design

We gather a team, and you work with a business analyst to refine the first release's functionality. Meanwhile, a designer creates interface mockups, and a tech lead plans the app's architecture.

Incremental Development

Developers deliver new features every week. As a key team member, you follow all tasks in Slack and hold weekly meetings with the team to clarify requirements and give feedback on completed features.

Release and Post-Launch Development

When the first version is ready, it's released to users, and you start collecting feedback. Considering this feedback, we adjust the next release plan and continue to add features weekly under your guidance.

Maintenance and Update

When the app is finalized, the team is reduced to 1-2 devs for support. It includes fixing user-reported bugs, ensuring good performance under increasing loads, and timely updates to avoid security holes.


How big is your company?

Our company is compact, with approximately 30 professionals. We consider this a benefit, as it provides a dynamic setting. We can discuss and resolve matters without any delays, engaging management, tech leaders, executors, and customer representatives effortlessly.

How long has your company been established?

Our tech leads joined forces over 20 years ago and have been working together since, recruiting like-minded people and training newcomers. We have a closely-knit team with strong traditions, though the company has moved and rebranded several times, most recently in 2023.

Do you work with small startups? What about big enterprises?

Absolutely. We've helped various startups, including very small ones founded by students or a full-time nurse. And we have also worked and continue to work with major enterprises, such as a chemical plant or an eCommerce network with a Europe-wide reach.

Are your developers hired as freelancers?

No, all our devs are full-time employees. Most of them have been with us for a long time, often from the start of their careers. Each one is trained and supervised by our tech leads. We never hire temporary staff for a single project.

Who holds the rights to the code you develop and the intellectual property?

You hold exclusive ownership of the code developed for your project. The codebase is stored in your own account in the code repository of your choice, from day one, and we only access it with your authorization. We do not reuse code between projects. You can impose an NDA to restrict sharing information about your project.

How do you bill for your services?

We charge a weekly fee based on the actual number of hours worked by your team members. The team composition and their weekly workload are determined after an initial call with you, according to project needs, and detailed in our proposal. Before each payment, we report on the work done in the previous week.

Do you work with technologies like Oracle or Microsoft.NET?

No, we work exclusively with mainstream open-source technologies, widely adopted in the industry and with strong support from the developer community. This way, our clients avoid problems and costs associated with future support.

How long will it take to launch the first version of my app?

We believe that discovering user acceptance as early as possible is crucial for an app's success. That's why we carefully select features for the first release to provide meaningful value to users while allowing for a fast launch. Ideally, this should take 1.5-2 months, rarely exceeding 3 months.

How much time will I need to dedicate to my project?

We believe that a high-quality app can't be created without your continuous input. This means giving written task descriptions, joining at least two weekly calls to discuss and review features, and texting answers to devs' questions - totaling at least 8 hours per week.

What should I expect once my app is finished?

An app requires constant support to thrive. User complaints must be handled, performance monitored as it grows, databases cleaned and libraries updated regularly to prevent data leaks. Usually, 1-2 developers are sufficient for this. If not, the app will soon break down, risking the loss of your user base.

Who will instruct my employees on how to use the app you built?

We are ready to provide any help you need in training your staff to operate the app. We can create user manuals, conduct training sessions, and consult your employees if they encounter any difficulties.

Will my in-house or remote developers be able to work with your code?

Absolutely. We adhere to standard coding practices, ensuring that any team can easily maintain or update our apps. Moreover, we have proven procedures for working jointly with other teams and transferring projects, whether taking over or handing off to other developers, whenever required for the client's benefit.