Individual Solutions for Business

Cyfrania develops solid and stable custom software solutions that are easy to maintain and grow further. We cooperate with the businesses to eventually launch the valuable products.

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With a Customer in Focus

Each of our projects is driven by the ideas of our customers. We consider them as persons that deeply understand their target audience problems and strive to change things for the better. They have a clear vision of their business strategy. Cyfrania provides them with a development team that combines technical expertise with industry knowledge.

We build relationships with customers based on integrity, openness and respect with an ultimate goal to join forces in making this world a better place.

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Our Experience

We worked in plenty of diversified domains. We have built:

  • real estate marketplaces
  • sports social platforms
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions
  • online newspapers
  • eCommerce websites
  • country-level educational platforms
  • telemedicine apps
  • accounting and financial management software.

There are no two same projects. Each one has its own story behind it. In each case, we had to adjust to specific circumstances, so we have worked out our practices to be flexible.

A Transparent And Flexible Process

That’s how our development process looks like.

  1. Defining the task

    First of all, we discuss with the customer the idea they came up with and keep asking questions until we have got a shared vision of a solution that has to be built. That is the starting point for designing the app.

  2. Building the app

    The programmers begin writing the code building the application in small increments. We deliver the new workable update to the customer every week. They can try it and see if their assumptions were right. After that we agree on the next feature to be built.

  3. Maintaining the app

    Ready to use applications are made available to users, while the customer keeps on analyzing what needs to be adjusted and we keep improving it.

We often continue to cooperate with the customer for a long time to maintain the app stable and functional.