School E-Learning Platform With Gamification



This project is owned by a Danish publishing house. They are dedicated to spreading evidence that is grounded in modern theory, as well as empirical insights, whether it's in the fields of business, IT, education, or lifestyle.


The customer had envisioned turning their popular Danish textbook into an interactive course format. It would free up teachers from the chore of checking test papers and also render the learning process more enjoyable and effective for students through the adoption of gamification practices.

The customer also laid out the following requirements for the upcoming app:

  • Compliance with the Danish Ministry of Education's requirements for the app to qualify for a government subsidy for extra school materials.
  • Integration with a Danish state educational system for teacher and student authentication.
  • Possibility to use the app on both PCs and tablets, which are very popular among students.


The Cyfrania’s team included a project manager, UX designer, front-end and back-end developers, and a QA engineer.

We designed a modern cross-platform app that supports all major browsers and works on PC, Android, and iOS tablets. We also ensured regulatory compliance and implemented user authentication through the government education ministry platform.

In its core, the app features:

Multiple types of test tasks that automatically check student responses, grouped into learning modules. We’ve created a unique template for each task type that enables the rapid addition of new task variants based on the existing ones.

Gamified and personalized learning experience: In collaboration with the customer, we developed and established a system in which the student constantly tracks their path, secures rewards for accomplishments, and receives aid in case of failures.

Visually appealing interactive worlds: We have created a unique visual design for each educational module shaped as an interactive world, which students explore during their course progression.

App Functionality Intended for Teachers

Through a special dashboard, teachers can conveniently guide and track the progress of their classes by performing the following actions:

  • Assign tests to the entire class or individually and set deadlines for their completion. The app will automatically check the students' answers - no more manual paper checks!
  • Generate personalized reports on students' academic performance, their strengths, and weaknesses.

App Functionality Intended for Students

Learning with this app is significantly more convenient, fun, and effective than with a paper workbook thanks to these features:

  • Right after the test, the student can see the result and, if they face challenges, obtain a hint, an explanation, or a brief summary of the theoretical material.
  • The app grants points and badges for reaching goals to keep students engaged and offers additional tasks for earning more.


The app's first version was ready within three months. After that, we kept working on it by adding more school grades, enriching the content, and refining the interface according to feedback from kids and educators.

The project exceeded the customer's expectations. As an interactive app, this educational course has become as popular as the textbook it was based on. Dozens of Danish schools continue to enjoy using the platform.

Services Provided

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ReactJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebase / Firestore