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The customer for this app is the owner of a popular restaurant chain in Qatar, with locations in several major cities. They offer healthy food, including organic choices and meals for special diets and vegetarians, made from fresh produce from local farms.


The customer requested Cyfrania to create a website and mobile app for Android and iOS that allows users to order food online, choose delivery or pickup, and track their order status.

They also listed a few special requirements for this application:

  • The menu needs to feature not only dish descriptions but also a detailed ingredients list and allow the exclusion of some ingredients, crucial for many frequent guests.
  • The system must allow adding partner restaurants and posting their promo materials and special offers since the client aims to grow their partner list.


Our business analyst thoroughly assessed the client's needs and outlined the required features for the future application with them.

Given the diverse customer base, from those with allergies and medical conditions to vegans and diet followers, the app must have a powerful content filtering system. Our UX designer took on this challenge and managed to create a suitable interface for such an unusual situation.

Our developers created a cross-platform web, Android, and iOS app with the following main features.

Key App Features

Convenient multi-option menu navigation: The filter system lets users not only select meal categories but also indicate which foods and ingredients to exclude. The intelligent predictive search offers tips to help you quickly locate what you need.

Saving user preferences: The app keeps track of user’s food preferences and restrictions. No more checking boxes in search filters repeatedly. Moreover, it saves your past orders, letting you reorder any with a few clicks after making adjustments.

Possibility to detail the order and correct it: The app provides many options, such as scheduling an order, choosing delivery or pickup. Users can also attach an additional message and correct their order after sending, like fixing a wrong address.

Order status tracking: The personal account lets users view all their orders and their current status. Mobile app owners get push notifications at each stage of the order fulfillment.

Multiple payment options: The app integrates with multiple popular payment systems in the region. Users can pay directly in the app with a bank card or choose to pay after delivery.

Multi-language support: Information is available in both Arabic and English, as a large number of guests are tourists.

Admin panel: The application offers an easy-to-use interface for the customer's team, enabling content editing with templates, ad placement, and report generation.

The Cyfrania’s team included a business analyst, a designer, front-end and back-end developers, and a QA engineer. The initial app version with basic features was released to users within 2 months. Then, we gradually enhanced its functionality and interface.

At the moment, we continue to enhance features aimed at administrators and marketers for tracking user behavior and the performance of promo campaigns.


The app saw a quick rise in users after it launched. This reflects that the restaurant chain's guests were pleased to order and collect their food without queuing and enjoy their meals from home.

The customer points out that the app is a robust generator of additional income that keeps growing. He has big plans to further expand this business. This includes growing the network of partner restaurants using the app to feature their offers and eventually expanding the delivery service to include not only food but also health-related products.

Services Provided

Technologies Used

  • ReactJS
  • Typescript
  • Flutter
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS