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This text has been created to show which benefits a favorite business can enjoy if it moves to the digital world. Very often, people can’t imagine how to automate business processes. They have a lot of new ideas but can’t implement them because the main business processes take all their time. In this text, we can see that a small consultation with a professional programmer can open new ways for free time and new business possibilities in web app development.

A store bell rang. Mark raised his head from the cutting table, adjusted his glasses, and looked towards the entrance. A young blond guy, aged 30-35, stood in the doorway with a backpack on his shoulders, holding a laptop in his hands. He was wearing a T-shirt that said, "I'm a programmer."

"Hello, sir," the young guy said with a nod. "I heard I could get a shirt made exactly how I want it at this place."

The shopkeeper let out a slight sigh, clearly not thrilled, but he paused his work and replied, "Alright, step up to the mirror."

Mark pulled out his beat-up measuring tape and awkwardly started taking the client's measurements. It was obvious he wasn't sure how to initiate a conversation, but he seemed eager to do it.

"Are you really a programmer, or do you just wear the T-shirt?" the old man inquired, finally posing his question.

"Oh, why are you asking?"

"Lately, I've been thinking about retiring. I'm just tired of dealing with clients all the time, you know? It takes away from my creative flow. Do you think it's possible to replace me with some fancy program? Like, one that does all the work stuff and lets me check on progress whenever I want?"

The young man mused for a moment, glancing at the workshop, before responding. " You can't be replaced completely and expect everything to be perfect. You still need someone to welcome visitors, though. But hey, you could possibly have someone less experienced take measurements instead."

"Oh, by the way, did you write down all my measurements in that notebook? Cool. We can make an app for your phone. You have a phone, right? I figured. This app will work on phones, tablets, and computers. Let's say you have a particular student in mind..."

"Yeah, there is my grandson, Ezra." The old man interrupted the guy.

"Ahem, well, let's have your grandson help out. He can measure everything according to your instructions. What do you need for the shirt? Front, back, sleeve length, chest size, neck, arms, and shoulders - he can handle it. Oh, and if you already have a bunch of clothing adjustments in your notebook, we'll put them in the app and suggest Ezra double-check and retake measurements if they're too different. At the end, he can take photos of the client from all angles. All the measurements will come to you for verification. You can check them in the evenings while sipping tea, give your approval, and take them to work."

"Sounds great!" Mark exclaimed, delighted. "But is it possible to proceed without any measurements at all?"

"If the client has been to your shop before, they can use the app to order other stuff without new measurements, as long as the previous ones work. You can set up guidelines for customer measurements too. With those in place, customers can check their proportions at home before ordering, making sure they haven't gained or lost any inches."

Mark glowed like a small child on Christmas morning, standing by the Christmas tree. The dream wasn't merely appearing on the horizon; he could already hear it, as if it were ringing a bell over the doors of his workshop.

The young man continued, "Plus, you can keep track of all your fabrics and accessories without needing paper. The system will let you know when you're running low on them. Oh, and you can also tell your customers about discounts on certain fabrics. Basically, you can set your discount preferences, and the app will automatically email all your customers."

"Hey, hold on, buddy, take it easy on this old guy. The options you've mentioned are blowing my mind; I might just pass out! Wanna grab a cup of tea with me...?"

That's how I managed to get a lifetime discount on all products from the "Mark & Ezra" workshop while Mark had the opportunity to create truly beautiful shirts, suits, and other products.

All characters are fictional, and all coincidences are random.

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